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5 cascading benefits of a safety culture

Safety is a top-of-mind concern for fleets and their companies. In addition to protecting drivers and the public, a focus on safety also maximizes company assets and cuts unnecessary operational costs. With safety as a top-of-mind priority for many fleets,…

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Mitigate Fleet Risk With Driver Training

LEARN HOW TO MITIGATE FLEET RISK WITH DRIVER TRAINING For industries that are operating on the road, there will always be a risk of accidents or safety incidents. The roads are a dangerous place to operate, with motor vehicle crashes…

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Using Data to Improve Driver Safety

LEARN HOW TO CREATE AND USE ACTIONABLE FLEET DATA Safety is one of the fleet industry’s most critical issues as it seeks to reduce crashes and improve safety standards. The benefits of creating a robust fleet safety culture go far…

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The FMCSA Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse

New SuperVision product - Clearinghouse Monitoring, can provide peace of mind and an added layer of protection for your fleet.

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Six Tips to Hire Qualified Drivers in a Hyper

Hiring truck drivers in this competitive market can be a tall order. The market is competitive, and companies who improve driver satisfaction by using both technology and the right programs are much more likely to retain and hire drivers for…

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Remove liability blind spots

Drivers are the largest source of liability risk for fleets. On average, commercial fleets report a 20% crash rate per year. Accident and out-of-service costs continue to represent one of the largest fleet expenses ...

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Case Studies

Knight Transportation Hazmat Compliance

Knight Transportation: Improve HazMat Compliance CSA BASIC

Using Hazmat Informer, Knight Transportation improved their Hazardous Materials Compliance CSA BASIC ranking from the 99th percentile to Zero. Like many motor carriers, to manage hazardous material compliance and tracking, prior to Hazmat Informer, Knight drivers would manually complete a…

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Improving Driver Fitness Score with License Monitoring

The goal of higher, sustained license status visibility drives Transport America to implement a Continuous License Monitoring solution, resulting in a dramatic improvement in their driver fitness score. Transport America was experiencing low license status visibility when it came to…

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Digital Document Storage Success with W. N. Morehouse and Document Vault

W. N. Morehouse: Success with Document Vault

Digital recordkeeping is becoming a necessity in today’s trucking environment. W. N. Morehouse Truck Line needed an efficient, integrated approach to its driver data management. It found it with SuperVision’s Document Vault. The implementation of the ELD Rule in December…

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