The SuperVision Advantage

The SuperVision Advantage | Continuous MVR Monitoring

Comprehensive Solutions

SuperVision® provides comprehensive, fleet-safety and performance-management solutions that optimize fleet oversight and driver behavior, through advanced data, actionable insights, analytics, and reporting. SuperVision products can stand alone or be combined to elevate and maximize efficiencies.

  • License Monitor
  • Document Vault
  • Hazmat Informer
  • CSA Performer
  • Safety Performer
  • Driver Performer
  • Retention Performer

Innovative Technology

With more data sources than any other provider across the United States, U.S. Territories and Canada, SuperVision provides employers with a unique, holistic view of driver behavior and performance in a simple and unified platform. Continuous MVR monitoring allows fleet managers to receive daily updates on employee license status, citation activity, medical certificate status and even CSA infractions to ensure the safety and compliance of their working fleet. 

We make fleet safety, driver management & continuous MVR monitoring easier through actionable data insights.

Best-in-Class Service

While it’s crucial to have a solution that can meet your fleet’s needs, the solution is really one element of the overall monitoring equation. Having strong, ongoing support from your provider is crucial in being able to accurately and reliably monitor drivers. Every monitoring scenario is unique and presents challenges that cannot be addressed with a one-size-fits-all approach.

To this end, SuperVision assigns its fleet customers a dedicated, individual account representative who learns about the fleet, the company, and its specific needs and goals. Company stakeholders are continually supported during implementation and beyond. This ongoing support is one of the hallmarks of SuperVision’s commitment to keeping your fleet risk-free and your drivers on the road.

“SuperVision is just stress free. It’s easy to use and the company is easy to work with. The website is very user-friendly; it’s just an overall better experience. So when we were meeting with SuperVision saw how the solutions worked, and how easy they were to use we said, ‘Yes, let’s do this'” – Charity Rabideau, Safety Administrative Coordinator for Saia.

National Coverage & Now Canada

SuperVision’s License Monitor is the first fleet monitoring service to offer coverage in all 13 Canadian provinces and territories. This exciting service expansion includes both license status monitoring and the ability to order ad-hoc Canadian motor vehicle record abstracts. This is another industry-first for SuperVision, which is now the only continuous MVR monitoring solution to offer coverage in all 50 U.S. states and Canada.

“This expansion of our industry-leading monitoring service provides fleet owners across the U.S. and now Canada with valuable insight to identify risky driver behaviors, correct them and avoid potential costly liability by keeping their fleets safer,” said Kurt Sames, General Manager of SuperVision


SuperVision products provide the industry’s most comprehensive view of driver performance and safety compliance. Receive and analyze CSA, telematic and crash data, and get continuous motor vehicle record (MVR) monitoring, including driver license status and violation updates for any driver on your team. 

Monitoring & Compliance

Continuous license monitoring & fleet compliance management. Monitor your drivers, manage compliance & safety and increase driver performance.

Monitoring & Compliance

Safety & Risk Analytics

Manage CSA scores, consolidate data for a 360 degree view of driver performance and improve driver retention with the SuperVision product suite.

Safety & Risk Analytics

Driver Training

Reduce collisions, injuries, operating costs & liability exposure through a driver training program that focuses on safe driving behavior.

Driver Coach


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