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Get To Know SuperVision | MVR Monitoring

Who We Are

SuperVision offers the industry’s most powerful suite of tools to help your fleet succeed. Partner with SuperVision to help monitor, support and retain your drivers. Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your drivers are good to go wherever business takes them.

  • Monitors 3 million+ drivers across North America
  • Provides 62 of the top 100 (17 in the top 25) for hire fleets license monitoring products.
  • Provides the only continuous MVR monitoring solution across 50 U.S. jurisdictions and all 13 Canadian provinces and territories.

What We Do

The SuperVision Product Suite provides the industry’s most comprehensive view of driver performance and safety compliance. Receive and analyze CSA scores, telematics, and crash data and get continuous motor vehicle record (MVR) monitoring, including driver license status and violation updates for any driver on your team.

With a dedicated representative provided to every fleet, SuperVision offers the best customer service and support in the industry.

“The staff members go above and beyond, assisting every step of the way with any questions or concerns that arise. You’re never alone when working with SuperVision.” – Nichole Cefaratti, Motor Carrier Safety Administrator, The Davey Tree Expert Company

Where We Come From

SuperVision is the latest in a line of industry-leading products and services created by Explore Information Services, a Solera Company. Since 1989, Explore Information Services has been providing risk data services and developing superior information solutions for commercial fleets, insurance companies and government entities. With over 150 data sources across the United States and Canada, no other service collects more data.

Best-in Class MVR Monitoring

SuperVision is North America’s largest and most comprehensive license monitoring network. It is the only service with true continuous driver license monitoring and has the most frequent data updates with fully interactive processing. Coupled with outstanding customer service, our customers receive a better overall service package compared to offerings from competitors like Samba Safety and Embark Safety.

“Here at Navajo, I ran SuperVision side by side with one of the competitors and we are receiving notifications of changes in the CDL status or added convictions, in some cases, the same day as the change occurred. Whereas the competitor’s product has taken several days or weeks for the alert. Within the first 30 days we had a 3-point reduction in our Driver Fitness CSA BASIC score. I am confident we will continue to see this CSA BASIC decrease by using SuperVision.” – Jay Thomas, VP Safety, Compliance and Risk Management



MVR Monitoring & Compliance

Continuous MVR monitoring & fleet compliance management. Monitor your drivers, manage compliance & safety and increase driver performance.

Monitoring & Compliance

Safety & Risk Analytics

Manage CSA scores, consolidate data for a 360 degree view of driver performance and improve driver retention with the SuperVision product suite.

Safety & Risk Analytics

Driver Training

Reduce collisions, injuries, operating costs & liability exposure through a driver training program that focuses on safe driving behavior.

Driver Coach


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