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HazMat Informer from SuperVision by Explore Information Services, a Solera Company

Monitoring & Compliance


Automate Your Hazmat Compliance

HazMat Informer is a mobile driver solution that automates your hazmat compliance. It’s a simple, yet powerful tool for truck drivers, dock workers, dispatchers or anyone involved with transporting hazardous goods over the road. Not to mention, a reliable tool to double check your compliance and avoid penalties and fines which can be significant.

Simply enter the UN number and weight from the hazardous material shipping information and receive instant feedback about the correct placards to apply in order to be compliant.  With built in material segregation logic you don’t have to worry about transporting materials that should not be stored together.

With an integrated Emergency Response Guide (ERG), HazMat Informer will open to the appropriate page(s) if the driver should need immediate help. No more thumbing through pages to search for the items loaded. One button access saves valuable time.

HazMat Informer Features:

• Instant Placard Recommendation
• Automated Briefing for your Drivers
• Integrated ERG (emergency response guide)
• Load Multiple Trailers
• API access to briefing data to track hazardous materials and to manage your company’s hazmat compliance

By implementing HazMat Informer and Safety Performer tools into your fleet, you get a clearer picture of what’s happening on the road and can seamlessly automate and manage your FMSCA compliance.

Drive results by helping your drivers:

• Reduce citations & fine
• Increase productivity and profitability
• Eliminate wasted driver time
• Get it right at the dock

Hazmat Informer
License Monitor
Document Vault
CDLIS - CDL monitoring


  • License Monitor ™

    Only License Monitor continuously monitors driver motor vehicle records across the U.S. and Canada with faster and more frequent driver alerts.

  • Document Vault

    Eliminate paper files! Document Vault efficiently stores all driver related documents in a single, secure location.


    CDL monitoring & reporting with one-click automated motor vehicle report (MVR) ordering integrated with the License Monitor system.

  • HazMat Informer

    Seamlessly automate hazmat compliance. Apply the correct placards, built in materials segregation with an integrated ERP.

  • Clearinghouse Monitoring

    Gain an additional layer of protection with regular queries to the FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse database.

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