Case Studies

Knight Transportation Hazmat Compliance

Knight Transportation: Improve HazMat Compliance CSA BASIC

Using Hazmat Informer, Knight Transportation improved their Hazardous Materials Compliance CSA BASIC ranking from the 99th percentile to Zero. Like many motor carriers, to manage hazardous material compliance and tracking, prior to Hazmat Informer, Knight drivers would manually complete a…

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Transport America: Improving Driver Fitness Score with License Monitoring

The goal of higher, sustained license status visibility drives Transport America to implement a Continuous License Monitoring solution, resulting in a dramatic improvement in their driver fitness score. Transport America was experiencing low license status visibility when it came to…

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Digital Document Storage Success with W. N. Morehouse and Document Vault

W. N. Morehouse: Success with Document Vault

Digital recordkeeping is becoming a necessity in today’s trucking environment. W. N. Morehouse Truck Line needed an efficient, integrated approach to its driver data management. It found it with SuperVision’s Document Vault. The implementation of the ELD Rule in December…

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Saia LTL Freight: Stress Free Driver Monitoring

Saia, a 94-year-old logistics provider was in need of a solution to monitor its more-than-5,000 drivers’ Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) and Compliance Safety & Accountability (CSA) status. Saia turned to SuperVision License Monitoring to provide continuous driver’s license monitoring. With…

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estes express lines uses supervisions csa performer to improve csa status

Estes Express Lines: A Monitoring Success Story

Estes Express Lines, a 77-year-old transportation solutions provider headquartered in Richmond, Va., needed a means to monitor its drivers to better track driver violations and suspensions and whether they were in compliance with the CSA. In 2012, Estes implemented SuperVision’s…

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