FREE ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Why ‘Good Enough’ Isn’t Enough: A Fleet Liability Discussion

Staring Liability in the Face?

Liability associated with fleet-related crashes is the cause of budget-busting payouts and other less tangible headaches, such as damaged public perception. Unfortunately many fleets may not even be aware that they are just one incident away from a catastrophic liability payout — which could cost your fleet and your company millions of dollars in payouts and bad publicity.

Why ‘Good Enough’ Isn’t Enough: A Fleet Liability Discussion


Webinar Details

During this free on-demand webinar, Rob Moseley, a transportation attorney with Smith Moore Leatherwood, and Chris Wolski, a long-time editor with Bobit Business Media’s fleet publications, discuss the reasons fleets get into liability trouble and, more important, how they can avoid it. Rob and Chris cover the many liability factors using a series of real life case studies highlighting negligent entrustment and retention.

Discover if your fleet is staring liability in the face and how you can avoid. View this free on-demand webinar today!

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