In our recent webinar, Chris Wolski, from Automotive Fleet Magazine, is joined by Rob Mosley, a Transportation Attorney at Smith Moore Leatherwood LP. Rob is the head of the firm’s transportation industry group representing trucking companies and their insurers in accident cases, freight claims litigation, insurance coverage cases, and other business litigation involving the trucking industry. Rob serves as an advisor to many several insurance companies and motor carriers nationwide in reducing and managing risk and improving operations.

To start out the webinar, Chris asks Rob how worried the average fleet really needs to be about liability. Robs answer to this question was quite shocking:

“Since 2011, it’s like somebody flipped a light switch and every other month on average, there’s been a verdict of over 10 million dollars against a commercial trucking company. So it’s a real issue. And as you can see by insurers leaving the market and not wanting to insure truckers anymore, it is a real cost to doing business today.”

The rest of the webinar continues with this Q&A format and intriguing conversation about just how real the liability issue is in the trucking industry. If you have any concern you could be open to liability, this is the webinar for you. Watch now to learn how fleet liability is changing – and what your organization can do to protect itself.