Cost Efficient Driver Management Solution

In this video, Chad Lindholm, Director of Fleet Product & Marketing at SuperVision, is interviewed by Kathy Ireland about the challenges fleet managers deal with a regular basis.

“risk and safety is the number one priority for fleet managers according to numerous studies. Unfortunately, fleet managers often don’t have the tools they need to ensure their fleet is safe.” – Chad Lindholm

SuperVision is a leading edge solution for monitoring the status of fleet driver licenses. The SuperVision application makes it easy for fleet managers to continually monitor their drivers.

The State of Driver Monitoring

Recent research done by the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS) found that the total cost of crashes to employers was $25.17 billion for on-the-job crashes. Missed days of work amounted to 155,000 due to these crashes. An individual crash with just property damage costs on average more than $5,8000, a non-fatal injury crash costs 10 times as much at more than $64,000, and a fatality 10 times as much at more than $671,000.