What Are The Benefits of a Continuous Monitoring Program?

Save time & reduce costs when you eliminate annual MVR pulls.

  • Reduce time and cost of reviewing MVRs up to 30% 
  • Reduce MVR expense up to 20%

Protect your business & reputation with stakeholders

  • Reduce risk and damages of liability related accidents
  • Reduce insurance premiums up to 10%

When comparing cost of accidents to costs of a continuous MVR monitoring program for 1,00 driver fleet:

  • 25 years of Continuous Monitoring costs less than an injury accident
  • 560 years of Continuous Monitoring costs less than an accident resulting in a death

Based of a 1,000 driver fleet, the average cost of an injury accident ($387,000) and a accident resulting in death ($8.4 Million).

Continuous monitoring of driver motor vehicle records (MVRs) gives fleet managers a powerful tool to identify risky behaviors, correct them, and avoid the potential for costly liability.

Additional Benefits of SuperVision

  • The Alerts: Because continuous MVR services are webbased, it makes monitoring MVRs almost effortless by comparison to the once-yearly MVR check. Fleet managers typically receive as-they-occur alerts about violations, suspensions, or revocations. Services, such as SuperVision, also alert fleet managers about non-moving violation-related suspensions, such as unpaid child support or unpaid parking tickets.

  • The Sophistication: Convenience can often be as powerful a factor for a company to turn to a continuous monitoring company as price.

  • The Personalization: Continuous MVR monitoring services are often customizable to the needs of the fleet. For instance, SuperVision allows a fleet to manage user and system preferences, create customized monitoring schedules, import and manage driver rosters, and access the service via a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile app. The mobile app can send push notifications to fleet managers and other designated company leadership.

  • The Footprint: Particularly beneficial for a nationally dispersed fleet, continuous monitoring services have a national reach that simplifies navigating different state laws and formatting different reporting and coding styles into a single, simplified report. If the continuous MVR monitoring company has a national reach and good relationships with states’ Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), then, as questions arise that could cause a delay in receiving a report, it will be able to resolve them with minimal disruption to the ongoing reporting schedule. A national footprint is another important factor why fleets will choose a particular continuous MVR provider.

  • The Dedication: In addition, some MVR monitoring companies, such as SuperVision, provide its fleet clients with a dedicated account representative, adding to the efficiency of the monitoring process.