Explore Information Service’s SuperVision ® platform provides Navajo Express with the capabilities to effectively manage and utilize safety data

DENVER, CO – (12/4/18) — Navajo Express (“Navajo”), a nationwide shipping and trucking company, has seen dramatic safety results through its recent partnership with Explore Information Services (“Explore”), a Solera Holdings, Inc. (“Solera”) company, implementing SuperVision as a safety platform. Since Navajo’s application of SuperVision six months ago, the company has seen its CSA (Compliance, Safety, Accountability) score in the Driver Fitness category drop dramatically, driver safety improve and overall safety culture strengthen.

“Our CSA score has seen a very positive impact since the application of SuperVision,” explains Jay Thomas, Navajo’s VP of Safety and Compliance. “For example, our Driver Fitness category has been reduced by nine points, which is an impressive accomplishment in just six months,” he adds. “Our partnership with Explore has not only improved Navajo’s bottom line, but our drivers and the motoring public are significantly safer from our perspective.”  

SuperVision sends Navajo real-time alerts for all driving violations, such as DWI, speeding, illegal maneuvers and more. Navajo also receives alerts for non-driving offenses, license status changes due to suspensions, revocations, expirations and medical certificate downgrades.

Being able to have all this data in one, easy to navigate dashboard allows Navajo to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to its fleet’s safety and analyzing recruiting and safety practices.

“We are now alerted of incidents in real time, rather than just when we pull a driver’s annual MVR report. This lets us promptly assess the severity of a situation and take the actions we see fit for both the driver and Navajo,” states Thomas. “I have been using SuperVision for 10 years now and I can’t imagine managing the safety of a fleet without its benefits.”

“We’re very proud of the work we’ve done with Navajo and thrilled to see their achievements in their safety program,” states Kurt Sames, SuperVision’s VP of Fleet. “We look forward to continuing the success of the Navajo / SuperVision partnership.”

About Navajo

With more than 75 years of experience facilitating transportation solutions, Navajo Express’ services include dedicated fleets; intermodal; specialized equipment; and truckload services. With headquarters in Denver, Colorado and six other terminals nationwide, Navajo Express delivers superior results to business partners through advanced shipping concepts and world-class customer service. For more information on Navajo Express visit www.navajoexpress.com. 

About SuperVision / Explore Information Services

SuperVision is a comprehensive fleet safety and performance management product line from Explore Information Services, LLC, A Solera Holdings, Inc. company. For over 25 years, Explore Information Services has been a leading provider of risk management information to insurance companies, government agencies and commercial fleets. For more information, please visit www.esupervision.com.

About Solera

Founded and continuously led by inventor and entrepreneur Tony Aquila, Solera is a global leader in digital technologies that connect and secure life’s most important assets: our cars, trucks, homes and identities. The partnership between Explore and Navajo is another significant milestone for Explore’s parent company, Solera, on its Digital Garage Fleet initiative. Solera has set out to shape the digital world in transportation and logistics by developing fleet management, driver services and digital sales solutions for participants in the global commercial vehicle ecosystem. Today, Solera processes over 300 million digital transactions annually for approximately 235,000 partners and customers in nearly 90 countries. For more information on Solera, please visit solera.com.