Accident risk exposure is a growing concern for businesses employing drivers. Employers can face astronomical costs when an employee is involved in a motor vehicle accident. 40% of all motor vehicle accidents are work related1 and 53% of those accidents cause employees to miss work, costing employers $56.7 billion in 20172.

When a motor vehicle accident occurs in a company vehicle or on company time, the company must absorb costs that include wage replacement, medical expenses, and property damage; in some cases, these costs must be covered for all parties involved in the incident.

Research done by the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS) found:

  • Average cost to employers of a crash with property damage $5,800
  • Average cost to employers of a crash with a non-fatal injury $64,000
  • Average cost to employers of a crash with a fatality $671,0003

Employers can also incur, less obvious, indirect costs related to accidents. These costs can cause irreparable damage to the business, including:

  • Service disruption
  • Lost clients
  • Missed sales
  • Negative company reputation
  • Reduced productivity
  • Claims administrative fees
  • Legal fees

In addition to the direct and indirect costs employers are facing, it is estimated that vehicle out of service costs alone can average $760 per vehicle per day4.

Continuous license monitoring is a proactive way to correct risky behaviors of drivers before an accident occurs. Monitoring a drivers MVR allows the fleet manager to receive notifications of violations and license suspensions as they occur. By getting this information sooner, the manager can take immediate corrective action with the driver, closing the accident and liability risk exposure gap.

Learn more about minimizing the risks posed by employing drivers in “The Risk of Overlooking Driver Safety”




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