It is the top priority of most businesses that rely on drivers, whether they employ professional drivers, a few salespeople, or a large crew of workers that drive as a function of their job. Developing an ingrained safety culture & a comprehensive safety program delivers a positive impact on any company’s bottom line.

Comprehensive safety programs come in many shapes and sizes from self-reporting policies to keep the driver manager aware of any possible issues, point systems to identify when actions should be taken, to driver training programs to address high-risk behavior and keep safety top of mind. Fleets are constantly in search of ways to offset risk with new technologies and safety programs.

Before a true safety culture can be effective, driver and fleet managers must understand the level of risk an irresponsible driver poses to their organization. Entrusting a driver with a company vehicle, or entrusting them to drive their own vehicle on company time, is a big risk. If the driver isn’t prepared to adhere to safety regulations, they are a risk that is not worth taking.

How to Identify Risky Drivers

Motor Vehicle Records, or MVRs, are the most effective way to determine driver risk at hire and throughout the driver’s employment. MVRs provide a full view of a driver’s history for the last 3-7 years, depending on the state, and have several risk-indicating components. Some of those components are listed below, for a full, detailed guide on how to identify a risk driver download the free whitepaper here*.

Driver and Licensure Information

  • Useful information like license type and license expiration date can help a driver manager know that the driver is properly licensed for the type of vehicle he or she drives.

License Status

  • An unlicensed driver continuing to operate a vehicle increases a company’s potential liability dramatically.
  • Suspended drivers have an accident rate that is 14X higher than other drivers2

Accident Reports

  • Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. Drivers that have a history of accidents are typically the riskiest group of drivers.
  • Human error is responsible for 94% of all driving-related accidents.

Spot the Red Flags with License Monitor

License Monitor™ is the industry-leading, continuous driver license monitoring solution providing actionable data and motor vehicle reporting for commercial fleets. Only License Monitor™ continuously monitors driver motor vehicle records across the U.S. and Canada with faster and more frequent driver alerts, delivered on the easiest-to-use monitoring application.

  • Monitor both regulated and non-regulated drivers
  • Import and manage driver rosters for any size fleet
  • As-they-occur alerts for all driving and non-driving violations, such as DUIs, speeding, illegal maneuvers, license status changes, medical certificate downgrades, and more.
  • Receive alerts by email and through the easiest to use cloud-based web & mobile applications.

SuperVision’s License Monitor is the most comprehensive continuous license monitoring solution available. Spot the red flags of risky drivers, protect your business reputation, and keep your drivers on the road. Assessing and managing risks posed by having employees on the road is an ongoing process, put your best foot forward and mitigate risk from the start by using these tips to identify risky drivers.*

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