Safety is a top-of-mind concern for fleets and their companies. In addition to protecting drivers and the public, a focus on safety also maximizes company assets and cuts unnecessary operational costs. 

With safety as a top priority for many fleets, we are currently in the golden age of the fleet safety era. Fleets, their companies, and their drivers have benefited from this safety focus in numerous ways: 

  • Safety programs becoming the norm, not the exception. 
  • Driver training becoming more comprehensive and effective. 
  • Driver risk profiles have generally improved, helping to curtail liability costs from accidents. 

These benefits are only part of the safety story. Beyond creating safer drivers, fleets have experienced five bottom-line benefits as a result of prioritizing safety. 

During this on-demand webinar, viewers will learn how implementing a safety program will deliver five key bottom-line benefits to their fleet: 

  1. Increased fuel savings 
  2. Decreased maintenance costs 
  3. Enhanced spec’ing 
  4. Improved total cost of ownership 
  5. Improved fleet reputation 

While each of these benefits may be familiar, what is less well-known is that they are all closely related to a strong safety culture. 

View now and discover these benefits and the trigger that sets the domino effect in motion, helping to guarantee that cost benefits continue for the long haul. 



Safety policies, training, vehicle anti-collision technologies, and telematics are tools and techniques that will create a safety domino effect.

The catalyst that will put the dominos in motion and guarantee the ongoing effectiveness of these factors is the implementation of a continuous license monitoring program. A continuous license monitoring program helps identify risky drivers and gives fleet managers the opportunity to coach and correct any behavior that is costing the company money.

Continuous driver MVR monitoring, combined with a fleet safety program and other behavioral monitoring tools, is the ideal solution for effectively monitoring drivers’ risk profiles, ensuring compliance and safety, reducing liability, and minimizing business losses for any industry that employs drivers.

SuperVision has the resources you need to build and implement a safety program.