A continuous fleet monitoring solution can have various meanings across different providers, and across the nation. In general, fleet monitoring carries the definition of continuous driver license monitoring for commercial fleets. However, the truth is the capabilities of fleet driver monitoring from provider to provider can vary, and if you are not paying attention, these differences can put your organization at risk.

Consider the following when determining a fleet monitoring solution, especially when your fleet drivers are operating across the United States and Canada.

Fleet Monitoring Solution: Continuous Across the U.S. and Canada

Many companies that claim to offer continuous driver or fleet monitoring services lack reach across the country. Given that drivers are potentially operating in all 50 states, it is imperative that monitoring and reporting of a violation is timely, no matter where it occurs. Monitoring data across all fifty U.S. states & Canada keeps your drivers accountable and your organization safe from risk.

Look for fleet monitoring that provides weekly or even daily reports across the country. SuperVision acquires more frequent and better quality data than our closest competitor in nearly 50% of U.S. states and across Canada (don’t be fooled by monitoring partners pulling more frequent MVRs, passing the costs on to your organization, and calling it continuous monitoring). This means a more comprehensive vantage point of all of your drivers across state lines.

Reporting and Monitoring Capabilities

An effective license monitoring solution takes advantage of recent technological advances.  One such advance is mobile access to digital information. The Supervision mobile app is the first and only fleet monitoring app of its kind.  The app sends alerts to driver managers for all identified violations, license status changes, and more. 

Stay ahead of risk with ‘as they occur’ reporting and monitoring capabilities that only Supervision can provide. Receive notifications of license status changes, violations, non-driving offenses, DUIs and more across all 50 U.S. states and Canada through Supervision’s License Monitor solution.

Capabilities of an effective fleet monitoring solution should include the following:

  • Timely violation alerts across all 50 states
  • Notifications of license status changes
  • Integrations with employment screening solutions
  • Lookbacks and ‘as they occur’ alerts
  • Automated MVR ordering
  • Transparent billing and invoicing processes

Employing drivers comes with real liability and safety issues. Protect your organization by taking advantage of unmatched capabilities in a truly powerful fleet monitoring solution from Supervision.