For trucking fleets, having a handle on driver data isn’t an end in itself. Digital Document Storage is the key to making sure that drivers are in compliance with regulations and up-to-date with their licenses and certifications.


For trucking fleets, it should be a top-of-mind concern. MVR status, CSA compliance, up-to-date licenses and certifications, DOT physicals — all of these are underpinned by accountability — both the drivers’ and the fleet’s.

Being accountable means being responsible and trusted. And with the growing availability of data monitoring and integration technology — accountability is critical to compliance and performance. 

The Power of Integration

SuperVision gives fleets the power to integrate the data coming into its License Monitor and CSA Performer solutions through Document Vault.

W.N. Morehouse Truck Line, an 85-year-old, family-owned trucking company, recently experienced the power of data integration on accountability when its driver manager, Tim Bond, received an MVR alert about a driver who had received an out-of-state ticket.

Bond contacted the driver who stated that he had, indeed, received the ticket and had paid it, being told that the violation wouldn’t go on his MVR. However, it did.

“He asked me, ‘How did you find out about it?’ I said, ‘Because it’s on your MVR.’ He said, ‘Were you hunting for it?’ I replied, ‘No.’ I told him about the new system we got and I said, ‘It alerts me about things that go on drivers’ MVRs and if their status changes,’ ” says Bond. “I was able to get his ticket, which he sent to me, and I was then able to put it into Document Vault, so, in case any questions come up, I can pull the ticket up anytime I need it, and say, ‘Yes, according to this, it’s paid for and I have all the supporting documentation.’ And then, on the CSA side of it, I can take a look and see how that violation is going to affect our scores from there on out.”

This incident illustrates how accountability, handled through automated reporting can be used to a positive effect.

Digital document storage with Document Vault also helps drivers remain responsibly accountable in other ways. During the driver file creation process, Document Vault prompts the creation of alerts for documents, e.g., licenses, that have expiration dates. About a month before a certification or license expires, a supervisor will receive an alert, which allows him or her to prompt the driver to begin the license or certification renewal process. Adding to the file management functionality, documents are auto archived, so the driver files are always up-to-date with the most relevant data—again aiding management personnel to keep the driver accountable for his or her status.

This level of accountability would be impossible without the data integration provided by Document Vault.

Why Accountability Matters

While fleets and drivers are accountable to company stakeholders, customers, and regulators, its importance goes far deeper than mere compliance.

Accountability is a way to establish a level of conduct that will bring out the best in a driver, giving him or her a standard to live up to. An MVR or CSA violation means that the driver hasn’t adhered to safety and productivity standards. Without accountability neither drivers or fleets can reach their potential.

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