SuperVision is North America’s largest and most comprehensive license monitoring network. It is the only service with true continuous driver license monitoring and has the most frequent data updates with fully interactive processing. Coupled with outstanding customer service, our customers receive a better overall service package compared to offerings from competitors.

“As a DOT safety professional, I have used SuperVision for the past several years prior to moving to Navajo Express. Like my previous carriers, Navajo Express had used similar monitoring software systems.

The Driver Fitness BASIC should be the easiest BASIC to control and manage with the use of proper monitoring software. When I implemented SuperVision at my previous carriers, we were able to reduce our Driver Fitness BASIC by 15-20 points within 12 months.

Here at Navajo, I ran SuperVision side-by-side with one of the competitors and we are receiving notifications of changes in CDL status or an added conviction, in some cases, the same day as the change occurred. The competitor’s product has taken several days to weeks for the alert, or no notification was received.

Within the first 30 days we had a 3-point reduction in our Driver Fitness score. I am confident we will continue to see this CSA BASIC decrease by using SuperVision.

The other true advantage of using SuperVision as your MVR monitoring system is receiving monitoring all year for the cost of a single mid-year MVR run. The program can run MVRs and have the driver complete his/her Annual Certification of Violations.”

Jay Thomas VP Safety, Compliance and Risk Management

With over 150 data sources across the United States, U.S. Territories and now Canada, SuperVision provides employers with a unique, holistic view of driver behavior and performance in a simple and unified platform. Continuous driver license monitoring allows fleet managers to receive daily updates on employee license status, citation activity, medical certificate status and even CSA infractions to ensure the safety and compliance of their working fleet.

While it’s crucial to have a solution that can meet your fleet’s needs, the solution is really only one element of the overall monitoring equation. Having strong, ongoing support from your provider is crucial in being able to accurately and reliably monitor drivers. Every monitoring scenario is unique and presents challenges that cannot be addressed with a one-size-fits-all approach.

To this end, SuperVision assigns its fleet customers a dedicated, individual account representative who learns about the fleet, the company, and its specific needs and goals. Company stakeholders are continually supported during implementation and beyond. This ongoing support is one of the hallmarks of SuperVision’s commitment to keeping your fleet risk-free and your drivers on the road.

The SuperVision product suite provides the industry’s most comprehensive view of driver performance and safety compliance. Receive and analyze CSA, telematic and crash data, and get continuous motor vehicle record (MVR) monitoring, including driver license status and violation updates for any driver on your team. SuperVision products can stand alone or be combined to elevate and maximize efficiencies.

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